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Interior Enviroment Questions

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    Interior Enviroment Questions

    I’m planning on creating an Interior and exterior of an apartment complex for an exercise in UDK and for my portfolio. I have a few questions about how I should go about things.

    One of the major issues I’m having is whether I should build using BSP or using static meshes.

    Should I create the walls and floor using BSP and then go in and model out the door frames and prop items and set dress that way, or should I model the walls and then import large chunks I can snap together.

    One of the issues I'm having with doing just straight modeling and importing static meshes is having light seep from underneath things. When i use BSP this is not a problem. An image will probably help.

    I've been using snapping, but one thing I have been doing is deleting the unseen faces where the wall meets the floor. Is there a special way to cut down on this light seeping through?

    Thanks in Advance for any help or links.

    Lemme throw this in too, just so you can see how my scene is set up that I'm exporting.

    BSP is ok for planar faces. You can use it for walls and floors.

    If you use static meshes for walls, they need to be closed objects (solid box vs floating plane) because lighting from behind renders right through all the nothing in it's way. It's not always required, so testing helps.


      I normally sculpt out a room with BSP to be slightly larger than what I want. Then I create my walls (and floors, if I need them to be more detailed) and place them over the BSP. This eliminates light from spilling through objects.


        Cool. Thanks alot guys.