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Editor Shadows gone when rebuilding lighting

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    Editor Shadows gone when rebuilding lighting

    I am having trouble with point light positioning. In the editor the placement of my point lights looks awesome (see image)..

    but as soon as I rebuild the lighting, all of the 'stencil' type shadows are gone.

    Things I have tried to make them reappear:

    Increase Lightmap Resolution (decrease for BSP)
    Change Point light to Dynamic Shadows
    (and change shadow casting object to dynamic)
    Removed all other light in the scene(except for a single point shadow caster)

    None of these methods has given me the great shadow I get in the editor when moving a light.

    Here is what I want:

    any ideas or tips much appreciated!

    When you have the light selected the shadows appear dynamic but you need to turn off precomputed shadows on the mesh casting the shadow.


      Increasing the lightmap resolution on the BSP to 1.0 and lowering the Light Source Radius on the light to 1.0 gives me the exact same shadow (albeit slightly lighter because of the indirect lighting from Lightmass) before and after building lighting. The larger the Light Source Radius, the more diffusion of the shadow you will get even with the large lightmap resolution.