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HELP!!! Lighting Issue or Ambient Occlusion???

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    HELP!!! Lighting Issue or Ambient Occlusion???

    Hello guys,

    Long time fan

    Abit about me..I am currently studying my Degree in Interactive Entertainment majoring in Animation. and for one of my independent units i am doing Architectural pre-viz. And i had a try with UDK as it is very easy to achieve. The issue i am having with a test i am doing is shown in the image attached..

    I get black Corners, i tried turning off Ambient Occlusion, I tried bumping up the shadow exponent from 1 to 4 and even 6, i tried turning off lights, re built lights, but it doesnt seem to work.. I tried playing around with the material.. Still no hope..I hope ou guys can help me out

    Please can anyone help

    Thank you


    You were right about the Ambient Occlusion. I'm guessing that you turned off the wrong one. The Ambient Occlusion in the World Properties Lightmass section works fine. Leave that enabled.

    Scroll down to the Post Process section and you'll find another AO. That's a dynamic AO that has issues. Clear the box to the right of it.


      Thank you very much Wyldhunt

      That fixed it for me..Spending about 1 and half day trying to figure it out and finally got an answer which i am gonna note forever...

      Thank you again for your time :P


        In case you find a place to use it, here is how it's supposed to work and why:
        In a 3d game environment, it can sometimes be difficult to identify edges when two objects intersect at 90 degrees if you are viewing from a distance and the light shines directly into the corner...

        That's a fairly specific circumstance, but one that happens fairly often.
        The dynamic AO in Post Process is designed to find any objects that intersect at 90 degrees and create a slight AO shadow effect to highlight the different objects. It should shrink as you get closer to it.

        By default, it looks really bad and over done. You can tweak it in your default world post process chain though and make it a bit better. Although, if you're going for high realism, you'll probably want to avoid it all together.


          awsome.. Now i get the concept of having it 'off' or 'unchecked'..

          I will keep it off when i am working and do final touch ups and post processing :P..

          Thank you