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    Foliage Dropping

    Hi guys,

    I have a simple question. I have a foliage volume with a number of different meshes on a bit of terrain. However randomly some meshes would disappear from the screen, is there any way to prevent this?

    They would be there when the game started and then disappear when you were in game, or do you mean that one type of mesh sometimes fails to spawn entirely?

    If I remember correctly, foliage volumes use a grid to spawn in, so if you have a lot of meshes and they are all set to be very dense, there may simply be no place to put them.


      No, you're thinking of deco layers, they spawn on verts only. Foliage volumes spawn meshes on the surfaces.

      I'm talking about a slight change in camera angle or translation and suddenly the mesh not being there.


        Yep. Your right. Sorry about that.

        Here's what I know about such issues...
        That's a video of a model that would dissapear at certain angles. Apparently, they fixed it by assigning a custom physics asset.

        If it's a custom model, make sure that all of your verts are welded. It can cause a similar flickering effect.

        Other than that, I'm at a loss...


          Correct me if I'm wrong, but I dont think you can attach physics assets to static meshes/speed trees.

          As per the models, I'm using the ones provided in the UDK for the time being. It cant be the models because some of the same models will appear at all times, while some instances will not.