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Gaps between Cascaded Shadow Maps

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    Gaps between Cascaded Shadow Maps

    I'm working on the basics of an open world game, and I was working on getting a really good shadow setup going. Of course, since I've got a full day/night cycle everything has got to be dynamically lit. So I was fiddling with the cascaded shadow map settings and I noticed that if I put the number of cascades above 1, I get visible gaps between the shadows onscreen. By gaps I mean it appears as though the shadows are erased in a large thin ring that is always centered on the player:

    These rings appear at regular intervals depending on the Whole Scene Dynamic Shadow Radius and the number of cascades. For example, if the Whole Scene Dynamic Shadow Radius was set to 4000 and the number of cascades was set to 4, there would be these rings at distances of 1000, 2000, and 3000 units from the player's location. So it seems that there are visible gaps between the cascades.

    So my questions are thus:
    -What causes these gaps?
    -How do I make them go away?

    If anyone else has encountered this and knows a way to fix it, I would much appreciate the help as this is very distracting in-game and I don't want to be stuck with single cascades.

    Thanks for letting us know about this issue. I am able to reproduce it and have placed it into our bug database.