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Help Please! PhysX rendering from CPU?

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    Help Please! PhysX rendering from CPU?

    Hi everyone,

    Im after a little help im doing some work with physX destructibles and have turned on Nvidia's show PhysX Visual Indicator option in the Nvidia control panel. I have a GTX460 for graphics and GT220 as a dedicated Physx card. When I launch the game in editor or the game from the main executable Nvidia is showing that UDK is using the CPU to handle PhysX. I have set my GT220 in the Nvidia control panel to handle PhysX so it should be using that is there any option in UDK to change the PhysX handling from CPU to my GT220?

    Any help sorting this out would be awesome!


    Think ive sorted this myself now. Was just a .ini change for some reason hardware physX acceleration is swticed off as default.