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Spawn Particle Through Matinee

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    Spawn Particle Through Matinee

    I have little to no experience in matinee besides making doors and such but what I am asking how would I spawn a particle system such as an explosion after a bomb mesh hitting the ground through matinee? Would I use an event track or what, matinee is completely unknown to me.

    I did a quick test, if this is what you want then this should work.

    1. Find your particle you want to use, place it where you want it to go off.
    2. Open the properties and find:
    Emitter -> Particle System Component -> ParticleSystemComponent
    3. Make sure that the box next to Auto Activate is OFF.
    4. Open Kismet, with your particle highlighted make a Matinee Event
    5. In Matinee, right click and create a NewParticleGroup (If youve done it properly it will be coloured).
    6. On the Toggle track, press enter, you get the options of (Trigger, Off, On)
    7. Do what you want from there.

    This works for me, going from on to off.

    I've made this matinee event trigger from a triggerbox, you can activate however you want.

    Here is a screenshot to help.