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    multi-developer environment

    Developer A produced a map using static fractured meshes,
    He uploads his map to me, i try to cook the map for integration into my game and it gives me a bunch of errors

    Warning: Failed to load 'FracturedStaticMesh NEC_Floors.SM.Floor_Destructable'

    I have NEC_Floors.udk, but for some reason the cooker still cant find his object.

    Is there something else u need to do when cooking other people's maps?

    Does anyone have a process where multiple level designers can upload their levels to the build engineer, so individual devs dont have to be experts in build tools and source control, etc?

    It can't find the object because it genuinely doesn't exist. Whoever gave you that map has edited a stock package and not given you the revised version.

    As a general rule, also don't modify stock packages.


      oh god that's what he did... look at the name 'destructable' - it's misspelled.
      LOL. I cant look over his shoulder or the other devs - so they should make the stock packages read-only imho.

      thanks for the help.