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"Creating the Column Capitol" tutorial Help.

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    "Creating the Column Capitol" tutorial Help.

    i am following along in the Mastering Unreal: Volume 1 book. i am on tutorial 4.4 named "Creating the Column Capitol" and i am stuck on one particular part. i know that the book is more directed toward UT3 editor and not UDK.

    in step to it says to click the Geometry mode button, then to click the Poly button and finally click the Modifier button..... where are the Poly and Modifier buttons? i know i can select the brush and then click edit, and then left click on the FACE of the object to select that particular Poly, but where is the modifier button?

    then in step 6, it says - "With the column's top most face still selected, select the radio button next to edit in the geometry modifiers window and use the scale widget to scale the face up 135% uniformly. where is this radio button in UDK? and how can i scale up the face 135%?

    any help on how to do this in UDK would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks in advanced for any help.

    There are no Poly or Modifier buttons in UDK's Geometry mode. You don't need them as the Modifiers are always visible now and you can select any type without needing to select one first now.

    The Edit radio button should be visible and selected by default in the Geometry Tools window when you go into Geometry Mode.


      there should be a button in the modifier section of the geometry mode window that says "radio"?


        I'm actually doing the same thing, I had two problems,

        *edit* Figured out the brush clip from the 3dbuzz video on geometry mode here.
        1. How do you use the clipping tool? I select a pillar and hit brush clip and can place points by ctrl+rmb but cant get them to work right to clip the bsp. I also cant get them to align on my actual object, they look fine in one plane but I cant figure out how to adjust in the others.

        2. the uniform scaling for select faces by precise amounts that the Original Post describes... I got it to work with the scaling widget, but it isnt precise, and my cylinder tops became square (looks kinda cool)...