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    I actually have a minor request too.
    Originally posted by TwoSidedSign
    The TwoSidedSign expression is useful for flipping the normal on backfaces of two sided custom lighting materials to match the functionality of Phong. +1 for frontfaces, -1 for backfaces of a twosided material.
    That's awesome and I'm sure I could have a lot of uses for it since I use a lot of two sided mats. I have no idea how to plug it in to my materials though.
    Is it an automatic thing if I have this in line with my Normal? It autoflips if it's on the backside?
    If there's some trick to how you need to set it up (beyond "Connect Normal map to TwoSidedSign. Connect TwoSidedSign to Normal material slot"), could you post an example?


      I believe you just multiply your normal map by the output of the TwoSidedSign and use that as your normals. That seemed to do the trick in my tests. It is only meant for use with the CustomLighting lighting model, though. The normal Phong lighting model does this automatically as far as I know.

      I updated the page with an example image that should show up tomorrow.