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HDR Texture (16 bit)

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    HDR Texture (16 bit)

    How do I import a 16 bit RGB texture into UDK?

    Whenever I import, say a 16 bit PNG, it gets screwed up in the process by probably some forced compression.
    How do I fix this?

    I need the HDR texture for the skybox.

    Something like "RGBA16161616 or RGBA16161616F".
    I can't use DXT1-5 or even RGB888 because its 16 bit.

    That are DX9 limitations, not udk.

    UDN+texture+import gives this:


    High dynamic range texture, needs to be imported as RGBE via .float importer. "


      As i wrote in other topic, import RGB as uncompressed greyscale, then mix them back in material editor.

      Maybe you can use normal map importer for same trick. UDK when texture is inside does not care how it was imported, maybe importing as normal map does not mess all RGB values.

      There are "nvidia texture tools 2" maybe you can use that to create uncompressed texture for udk.


        Rather than creating a new topic, I'll try to ask here.
        I have an issue with my diffuse texture, on a floor model I've created for a project I'm working on. I have a really cool Material for this piece, with a nice reflection, but my diffuse Texture is a 8bit photoshop file (or exported .tga, result is the same). Because of this, shades and small color variations are really not clean. It is not too visible on the photoshop file, but it looks ugly once imported into my material...

        Isn't there a way to import 16 bit textures?

        Maybe I could try the way Nawrot proposed, but I fear this to be much heavier...