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Possible to animate a KAsset?

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    Possible to animate a KAsset?

    Hi, hoping to get some advice here, would really appreciate any comments.

    I'd like to set up a character to stand in a spot and run an idle animation. Once it gets hit by something, say a shot from the LinkGun, it flies off like a ragdoll.

    What I've done:
    I managed to get a skeletal mesh to animate properly, and get hit by my linkgun, but it's pretty invincible and does not turn into a ragdoll. I've assigned the physics assets to its properties, but maybe I'm getting it wrong. I
    I've also placed the physics asset into the scene as a KAsset, and it flies off just fine, but I can't get it to animate ( I'm using Matinee ).

    Am I missing a step here or barking up the wrong tree? Thanks!

    You can change the physics property in Matinee with the Set Physics node. For example on my level a barrel (KActor) fall down when the player touch the trigger area. As long as the trigger untouched the barrel has no physics proprerty and it's just floating.


      Hi, thanks for the tip! Not exactly what I was looking for but after some research, I found that what I wanted couldn't be done purely from within editor or without some scripting skills. I tried out the "Set Physics" as you suggested and I linked it up with some animation and got a pretty good effect. Thanks again!