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Help with SkeletalMesh errors

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    Help with SkeletalMesh errors

    I am new to UDK and I have read a lot of the tutorials and watched all the 3DBuzz videos but when I decided to stick a few SkeletalMeshes in the level I was making I get the error:

    SkeletalMeshActor casts a shadow but has not PhysicsAsset assigned. The shadow will be low res and inefficient.

    I looked at the properties that would hopefully fix this and nothing I seem to change makes this go away.

    Example, I use UDK's Scorpion mesh as just an object in the level for the player to see and not use.

    Under Collision I have: Block Rigid Body, Can Step on (checked)
    Collision Type COLLIDE_BlockAll

    Under Movement I changed Physics from PHYS_None to PHYS_RigidBody (thinking that would make the issue go away)

    Am I miss a check box somewhere in the properties?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    I am still having this problem and am about to just ditch the idea I had with using these meshes, any help would be greatly appreciated.


      It's not an error, it's a warning.
      The skeletal meshes included in UDK gives the same warnings. So they are nothing to worry about.