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When to use static meshes

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    Originally posted by diegofloor View Post
    hmm.. And how can I export/import that to UDK? as several models? one huge model? one at a time?
    If you are asking which you "should" do, it depends on what you are going to do with them further.

    If you aren't going to re-use parts of the scenes, then you could export them all in one object.

    If you export them one by one, you'll have to rearrange the scene in UDK.

    If you were asking how to do it however, I don't have access to max right now, but there should be options to "export selected only".


      you could export them all in one object.
      That's interesting! ok then. But can I assign different materials to different parts?


        I would cut the scene up into several meshes so that the engine doesn't have to render things you're not looking at. I think it all being one mesh may also cause lighting problems (although I may be making stuff up here ).


          *sight* I guess the best way is to bring every bit of model, textures, create the materials for everything and reassemble everything back toghether.

          I was hoping for some plugin/tool for max that would magically do everything! lol