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    Ground Foliage

    Hi, I have a problem, and I dont know how can I create a good looking grass as in Stalker

    I saw there is a post talking about it but I really don't know how can I make it.

    Please if anyone know, or have a model a texture, or a tutorial, please help me

    that's actually not grass, it's more like bushes. grass is usually shorter and more evenly distributed. but anyway...
    that grass is most likely, as all games nowadays have, a group of planes with transparency. the planes are just quads and they use the same texture, and they're usually placed in the same center but with different rotations (so no matter the camera angle, you always have some facing you).
    the biggest/hardest task is in the texture so very good texturing and/or photosourcing skills are needed.
    remember that Stalker is a commercial game so those plants were made by professional artists. chances are you won't get it as good as that but with time and effort you can get something decent done


      Just, open GenericBrowser, find a terrain file, then select your terrain material file in package, edit properties, and there's a option in 'probably terrain' (I can't give you a correct name, cuz I'm not on this PC now) There's been foliage mesh. Click 'Add' Then choose 'staticmesh' (just open Generic rowser, and in 'search 'tab' type foliage) choose grass, then change 'seed' and 'density' values. And then go to something like:

      min and max scale, change this to 0.5 and .055. Then grass will be smaller


        To achieve such an effect is best to deploy the same plants by inserting, rotating and scaling. You can also insert FoliageFactory and specify the properties of static mesh and change the following pair of options. But unfortunately, performance drops dramatically when use FoliageFactory and many static meshes.

        Foliage Factory is in Add Volume.