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Create indoor, eg. house. Need help.

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    Create indoor, eg. house. Need help.

    I have the dilemma of continuing with the construction of facilities such as a house.

    When building a wall of static mesh, if the attitude is one wall at the other wall, it happens that you can see the transition, and sometimes a small shadow between the walls.

    My earlier post:

    Even if the wall is simple and the material does not have normal maps.

    I read all the pages on

    Especially on the lightmaps and vertex lightning.
    - Although it is not sure where I turn on vertex lightning, because it automatically uses the UDK lightmap. (For testing)
    -I do not know how to properly build a corridor from the BSP. Are separate walls, ceiling, floor. Or in the Geometry mode try to connect everything?
    -Is the ceiling should be as one BSP piece, if covered with several rooms?
    -Or I can use the Static meshes correctly (no strange shadows etc...).

    The best solution is a suspicion of someone else's map. I looked for maps of UdK, but it is a little different concept. I would like to create something from the real world, and it is unreal world.

    I need a specific tutorial on this yemat Level Designing in UDK.

    Anyone can manage, help, be my master .

    I'd rather learn something than to ask someone for a map.

    English is not my first language so sometimes I can not understand the information contained in the text.

    I am not sure but maybe it is an ambient occlusion issue. You should turn it off and look wether the problem is still there then. I had n Problems to combine Static Meshes like this so far.


      ambient occlusion is false in world properties


        How to properly distribute the lightmap UV?
        Leave single spacing between the surfaces of UV?
        If UV UDK generates, it is not on the grid spacing. For UV texture space should be left.
        When the UV texture channel can be channel lightmap?

        When the UV texture channel can be channel lightmap?
        Anyone can help me?


        On some models from the UDK, I saw that such a cube has only one surface to the UV. When dragged on surfaces for a place to generate me an error. How to do it properly? The program is 3ds max.


          Originally posted by SeBeQ View Post
          ambient occlusion is false in world properties
          There are two ambient occlusion in WorldInfo. You need to turn off Post Process ambient occlusion. You may actually want to use the screen space AO.


            Object.WorldInfo.DefaultPostProcessSettings.bAllow AmbientOcclusion False
            Object.Lightmass.LightmassSettings.bUseAmbientOccl usion False

            And nothing...

            For sure I'm doing something wrong. That is why he wants to learn how to create good models from scratch. I read some tutorials already, but certain parts of translation because I do not understand. But I can to rehabilitate.

            The second problem is, is that I'm a programmer but want to improve their knowledge . But while I will not break down, then you probably aren't too .

            I read from:
            of course:

            especially is explained in 3ds max (I know a little), I don't have Maya, I never work on(in) Blender

            Here is my dramatic cry for help