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Terrian/Level Generation

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    Terrian/Level Generation

    Alright, I'm extremely new to these forums and to UDK as well. I'm 17, don't really know if that means anything but I've been wondering if it's a possibility with UDK to have level generation.

    I currently have no idea how this would be possible, but I've seen it done with a game made with Java (Minecraft). I doubt Notch(Programmer) would release how his level generator is built, but I'm curious if it's possible within UDK.

    I do know the Java language, so I'm not a complete noob/idiot when it comes to it. I'm also currently trying to learn C++ and bought a book, "Mastering Unreal Technology," so I'm serious about getting into UDK and making something with it.

    I also do know I should start small and build my way up, but this is something that really gets my mind going trying to figure out how to generate land masses that are mountains, caves, beaches, and oceans. A video of the land generator can be found here.

    Excuse my non-fluent sentence structure, kinda got distracted a lot.

    Edit: I found a generator, but help with how it would be possible with UDK would be nice


    I think you should pick an easier subject to start out with. This is really complicated stuff.

    It is doable, look for threads by SolidSnake, he made a random level generator for a prototype he did half a year or so ago I believe. It is not as advanced as Minecraft though, doing something like that may not even be possible without source code access.

    Start off making a new weapon or something simple


      Thanks for the reply, and I didn't originally plan to do this as my first project. I was just wondering of an algorithm on how it could be possible. Programming it is a different story, but I'm just wondering how it would be possible to even come up with an algorithm that generates mountains, caves, and oceans.

      I will however start with something that is simple and work my way up. I've already watched most of the 3D buzz tutorials.


        Yeah its called a heightmap...