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Questions about bsp solids.

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    Questions about bsp solids.

    I was wondering if it mattered how many bsp solids I used to create somthing?

    For example, if i made a building using 2 total bsp solids (one additive for the outside and one subtractive for the inside)

    would it be any different performance wise than making the same room out of 6 bsp solids? (4 additives for the walls, 1 additive for ceiling, 1 additive for floor)

    And how do bsp solids effect draw calls? or do they?

    The difference in your example would be very minimal. In a more complicated setup it would have a bigger impact, and the setup with fewer brushes would win over the one with more. I wouldn't worry too much about it though. With normal use you will not experience any slow downs or issues. A brush more or less is not going to make much of a difference in 2010.

    Two brushes will not create two draw calls. All the brushes are eventually treated as one big thing, which in turn is cut up into sections, etc.