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    3Dsmax colission

    Hello all

    I have two little question for you

    the first is this I created a room in 3ds Max
    I import into UDK all is OK but the only problem is that I pass through
    I do not know how to avoid it (I fall into the blank)

    and the second question if I import my room in UDK I made a new map Aditive or subtractive?

    Thank you in advance Zosso

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    Second comment down in that thread Hourences explains. There are several ways to go about collision. Per poly is just one of the options.

    Another link
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    For static mesh props, simplified collisions exported out of your 3D package of choice is usually the best option. I may be wrong but UCX_ naming convention should still work for collision. You create very simplified (non concave) mesh's with the UCX_ name convention. The two green shapes in my screenshot are seperate models with the UCX_name. Select the main game mesh AND collision mesh's and export to unreal as one export. Hope it makes sense.

    For your second question. Subtractive mode is the "oldschool" way of making levels where you carve out space as if the world was one giant slab of rock. Skies were usually faked with a texture on one of the walls of the carved out BSP just to give you an example. We are talking like 1990's and stuff.

    You probably want to go Additive as it is the standard now and much easier to add stuff to the world as apposed to building everything out of engine brushwork with subtractive. I don't doubt subtractive is still being used. If an entire game is located underground it might make sense to use it but even caves and subway systems and such are built nowadays in Additive so you are better off with additive. If you need a picture explanation of this I will be happy to show you. I think Epic just leaves Subtractive mode around in case someone finds some special reason to use it.


      tanks CyborgGuineaPig


        Collision creation is pretty simple. Here's more info from Epic.

        For my room I simple created boxed collisions (boxes, UBX). If you create sphere's, name them USP.

        Like UBX_01, UBX_02, UBX_03, etc.

        PS: Create a Collision layer in Max and put all collisions there. Personally I don't think there's any need to name them specifically to the objects they are covering. I set them transparent as well.