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Lightmaps on Static Mesh

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    Lightmaps on Static Mesh

    I have this problem:

    second channel for lightmap I generate in UDK,
    channel is 1(second), lightmap res is 128
    What I'm doing wrong??
    I use material from UDK
    This is ase file:

    Please help!
    Light is DominantDirectional Light

    It's generally not a good idea to use UDK generating for your lightmap channel, although you should be able to get away with it for a cube.

    In case of max (should be similar in the other modeling sofware), The UVW map in channel 1 is your texture map. In the static mesh editor that's channel 0.

    The UVW map in max's channel 2 will be your lightmap. Simply add an unwrap modifier and flatten the map and your mesh is lightmapped. (channel 1 in staticmesh editor)

    note: There Is a cube static mesh in UN_Simplemeshes, no point in making your own cube.


      Thanks, and if anyone knows how to make rules for lighmap UVcoords correctly?

      I use StaticMesh'UN_SimpleMeshes.TexPropCube_Dup' and I use from material from UDK Cool Materials.

      I've set the cubes in a row. And there are still differences in shading on the joints, not as great as on the screenshot but they are.

      How to remedy when I wanted to insert a wall or build a whole house?

      You know what I need to do?


        Might as well use BSP if it's going to be a big flat wall, it lights a lot nicer. For building a whole house, i'd make a custom mesh per different wall.


          Are you sure you can't generate the correct advice on the lightmap if the models are standing close to each other?