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    directional dominant light

    Is there a way to revert the shadow on the July UDK back to baked shadow? I have one dominant directional light. I was using the March UDK and the shadow was baked and it looked fine. The July UDK version shadows are all dynamic and I don't like the way they "pop" between different cascade LOD. I try many settings but it's not getting the look that I want. I would like to continue using the July UDK but would like my directional shadow to be baked and static.

    thanks ahead for any help

    Just make sure the light is not a DominantDirectionalMovable and also in the Cascaded menu set the radius to 0.0.


      Thanks Obihb!

      there seem to be a bug with the with the July Build. The Dominant Directional Light (not Movable) cascade setting doesn't seem to be doing anything in the editor. The shadows still remain dynamic even though I changed the radius = 0

      But, when I launch the map itself as aHost, then I don't even see any shadow at all. no dynamic, no baked. looks almost unlit.

      Obihb- Are you using the July version?


        I'm not using July but I did use it for a while without trouble with dominant directional lights. In fact I use both dynamic and baked shadows in the same level for testing purposes very successfully.

        Maybe you can just kill your existing light and create a new one. I didn't encounter this bug myself yet but usually if I have something weird happen with lights because of conversions or whatever reasons, if you create a brand new light it might fix the problem.

        Otherwise, I don't actually know because then it's not based on any settings or anything and just a random "bug".


          Not to be too obvious, but have you rebuilt your lighting? the later version of the UDK use the cascading shadows as preview shadows. those won't show up in-game as they are just for preview purposes.


            Tom - i made a quick new map and put in a dominant directional light (non movable) and baked it. The shadow remain remain dynamic with jaggies pop of cascade levels when we test running deathmatch. It doesn't seem to be just a preview for me.
            I'll just leave the problem for now, hopefully the August or later builds will fix this.

            thanks guys for the help