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Strange camera turn when in InterpActor

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    Strange camera turn when in InterpActor

    I've set up a huge turning tube [InterpActor]. The player has to walk through this tube...but if you go through it, sometimes the camera suddenly turns around.

    Why does this happen and how do you fix this?

    Here's a video:
    you can see the problem at 0:23 and 0:42

    Screenie of the tube:

    another problem (nothing about cameras):
    i set up a kind of flashlight in my level. it's simply a spotlight, attached to the player. it's working, but at the moment the spotlight stays on one level. i can't trun it up or down, just left or right [when in walk mode, but when typing fly or ghost in the console, the spotlight can turn everywhere].

    so how do i manage the spotlight to turn up and down when the player looks up or down?

    A video would explain it better

    I believe it's impossible for the camera to go upside down, otherwise you discovered a bug in the camerascript classes. So I can only guess that it's some kind of interpolation error, maybe in your kismet sequence.


      ok, added a video


        Sorry, only saw this right now...
        Not sure, why this happens I don't believe it's an interpolation error as i said before because the camera rotates around the Z axes (Z being up). Maybe it's because the Matinee has completed a starts again/loops?

        I will try this myself and see if I get the same.
        For the setup: it's basically just a tube staticmesh right? With collision in the mesh or via (Dynamic-)BlockingVolume?

        Will see what I can do about the flashlight. Always thought that attaching it to the player would make it look up and/or down too. How are you attaching it? Via Kismet attach node? Do you assign a bone or socket?


          the collision is made via dynamicblockingvolumes...and yes its a simple tube mesh

          for the flashlight: i attach it via kismet but only attach to the player...i searched for the bone name of the hands or sth, but couldn't find anything that worked


            Okay, concerning the tube-camera-blockingvolume thing: make sure the volumes are following the shape of the tube. You can use the console command "show volumes" to visualize them in your level.
            Can you post a screenshot/video of that?

            Didn't manage the attachment yet will update asap.

            Edit: I can't get it to attach a SpotLight correctly Can you copy the nodes and post the code here, please?