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Cascade Question (Is this even possible?)

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    Cascade Question (Is this even possible?)

    I have no idea if this is even possible. I am open for any suggestions..
    I have particles spawning outward in a half circle.
    Currently I have them rotating in a clockwise direction.

    What I want to do is change the rotation direction based on which direction the particles are being spawned from.

    So if the effect spawns to the right in relation to the camera the particles will move in a counter clockwise direction. and if the spawn to the left they would rotate in a clockwise position. I guess they would not rotate if spawned toward or away from the camera.

    Any insight will earn my undying gratitude.

    You won't be able to do all of that without changing the code for the particles. The only thing you can really do is make them rotate one way or the other, but it would be random.

    However, you COULD drop in two emitters, make one go one way, one go the other and then fake the direction and the emitter location to make it LOOK like its doing what you want. Graphics are all about faking, man!


      I don't know...with the use of a parameter in the particle system you could arbitrarily control the direction of the rotation. You would just need to change the distribution type of the rotation module to a particle parameter and set it up in Cascade. Then you could modify the value of that parameter to make the particles spin any direction you wanted in theory.

      The only obstacle would be whether you are opposed to using UnrealScript. I'm not sure you could (or would want to try to) do the calculation of where the system is spawned in relation to the player (or camera) in Kismet. Creating a new class with a ParticleSystemComponent would make it fairly easy to do these calculations and control the parameter accordingly.


        There would definitely need to be code involved. The question was about cascade itself, which it would have to be faked in.


          Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately that wont work in this instance. The effect will spawn from a character in a specific direction. The character could be facing left or right (or up or down). The effect would look cooler if I was able to get it to rotate in the same direction in relation to the character. Oh well, Guess its got to be random. =)

          I am not against using UnrealScript. However, I am more on the arty side then the technical side and it would probably take me too long to figure it out. I got someone that could probably hook that up for me but this aint a major concern and I rather have him work on getting lighting to work on my Mesh effects. =) Thanks for the reply!