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    Vertex painting

    After looking around for an easy tutorial on vertex painting I arrived here. I created a static mesh in UDK and wanted to paint on it but the mesh acts like it will not paint on it. One tutorial said that you have to set the mesh to accept paint...but it left that part out. Am I on the right track? I got one of the static meshes out of UDK and it paints just fine although I was confused about the texture painted on it. I selected the material I wanted to paint with but it used a different texture...why I'm not sure...anyway how do I get my static mesh to accept Paint and how do I select a texture or color to paint...ARGH.

    These are two really good places to get started for vertex painting:

    All I did to find them was type in "vertex painting in UDK" in Google and they were the first two to pop up.

    remember Google is your friend ....sometimes