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SkelMesh with Physics Issues

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    SkelMesh with Physics Issues

    howdy folks, today i come to you with an interesting problem (not my usual boring ones).

    Ive got a skeletal mesh here for a chain, its bone rigged and has a physics asset that works perfectally. my issue is that when placed in game, i cannot get it to react to force of any kind. ive definatly made sure the asset is assigned to the skel and ive spent the last hour checking all the properties. so, since i cant get this goin myself, any ideas?

    Shots Below:

    In Game:

    Properties Box:

    Pysics Asset Simulation:

    Skel Mesh:

    as always, any help is appreciated =) even if it doesnt lead me anywhere

    **the basic idea behind it is that the player can brush past it or shoot it and it'll move based on the physics asset, since RigidBody chains tend to end up as tornados, as does hinged stuff.

    never mind, im a frigging ******.


    select the Physics Asset, add that to the level instead of the Skel Mesh with it....


      Ok, got it all working now, but having issues with the chain deforming oddly (basically i need to stop it rotating when hit, it can move on x,y,z axis but clearly rotating breaks it a bit). Any thoughts?


        Ok, final update to this thread, will continue posting anyfurther updates to this project in my "project showoff" thread in that forum.

        Finally got these chains working properly, was an issue with the Angular and Linear Dampening in the Phys Mat properties.