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Random Tile Based Levels

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    Random Tile Based Levels

    I'd like to create a set of 10 or 15 small 50mx50mx50m rooms that I can then clone and randomly arrange into around 100 room levels at run-time.

    Is this possible?

    I tried to set this up using level streaming, but as far as I can tell you can't stream in the same level twice, which I would need to do in my situation. It also looks like the offset of the sub-level in the main level has to be set up in the editor and I'm not sure if I can manipulate this using kismet or script.

    If I were to get this to work through streaming I'm guessing all my lighting would need to be dynamic and I'd have to do something special for AI pathing etc.

    If I can't do it using streaming or something fancier I guess I can save off each room as a static mesh but then I'd end up having to spawn in all the lights and other objects by hand for each tile.

    Any ideas?

    Something similar to this has come up before for random dungeons and what not.
    Procedural Buildings perhaps?


      Looks like you are right. This post discusses the static mesh approach I mentioned.

      If anyone had ideas on how I can get the streaming method to work I'd still like to hear them.

      ( as far as I know proc buildings is a design time tool not something that creates stuff at tinting. Am Is that correct? )


        What if each level chunk were made into a prefab.
        Can prefabs be 'spawned' at runtime either with kismet or script?


          I think you'd be wanting to spawn either prefabs or static meshes and other actors via script before the game begins. If you're going the static mesh route, it may prove better to bake your lighting into your textures in your 3d app, rather than using expensive dynamic lights.



            How does one spawn a prefab at all with kismet or script? I've been trying to figure that out all night.

            That is a good suggestion for the lighting.


              I was going to suggest ProcBuilding as well. I don't think it can detect the face direction of doors and the like, but it's a start.