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    Bot start problem

    Well I have a problem. In my project I have created some bot starts where the enemies will start. The base of the botstarts are by default:

    Terrain'MadWorldMap.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Terra in_0'

    and I get this message for the 1 of them:

    ScriptWarning: Accessed array 'MWBotPlayers_0.RouteCache' out of bound MWBotPlayers MadWorldMap.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.MWBotPlayers_ 0 Function MadWorld.MWBotPlayers:FindRandMWBotDest:0040

    When I change by hand the base to:

    WorldInfo'MadWorldMap.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Wor ldInfo_3'

    the error disappears. I don't think that is the right way, because every time I rebuild the paths, the base returns to the first value. Any ideas?


    I found out that for a strange reason when I call FindRandomDest(); to find the next navigationPoint to go, it returns none, only for the bot that I have placed in the terrain, between 2 mountains (the mountains are created from the terrain itself, not a static mesh). I have placed some pathnodes right beside the botstart, but I have this problem. Had anyone the same problem?