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1.7 meters = to what in z axsis

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    1.7 meters = to what in z axsis

    1. 1.7 meters is equal to what z axsis?

    1.7 meters is going to be my charater height.

    I read that 196 units is equal to current unreal charater height.

    2. How tall is 1.7 meters in units?

    I think by default UDK unit size is 1 unit = 2cm, so by that logic 1.7m = 170cm, divide that by 2 and you get 85 units


      Unfornately i think the correct conversion is 1 unit = 1 cm.;

      I need to know what 1.7 meters is in the z axsis and what a 'unit' is;

      Tryen to size my levels so i really need to find out how this will affect my z axsis;


        Just going off of the Documentation, for unreal tournament 3, 1 unit = 2cm, I would suggest this is the scale they used for UDK because they've included example maps from UT3, and to have it under any other sizing would screw up the measurements. So they couldn't possibly have made it 1 unit = 1 inch without having to go in and resize everything.


          OK i thought i read differnt but it doesnt hurt to triple check this sort of thing.I guess ill figure out the math then and look over that link you got.


          Oh see at the bottom of that link it says most liscenes use 1 unit = 1 cm.Guess i read that turtorial at some point.I guess ill work on the math then and try to keep it from interfering with the scripts.

          Scracthes head which one to use.

          Trys to figure out the z axsis with no clue.


            As far as I know the ut player is just 96 units tall. Using Kyles rule it would make the player 192 cm tall which sounds realistic to me


              For 1 UU = 1 cm it clearly states that you have to change a whole slew of files for this to work. I know for a fact that UDK uses 2 cm, so you should stick with that for desired effect.


                The Z Axis is the upper axis in UDK and Max, I think (Maya user here).

                I know it says that most licensees use the 1u = 1cm rule, but thats because they are building from original content, but since UDK contains Unreal Tournament 3 assets, I'm assuming they're using UT3's rule of measurement, because with my experience with PhysX, I know for a fact that PhysX hates resizing after export, because it uses the exported sizes to generate collision models and such, so when you resize something from its exported defaults in the editor, it will still use the exported defaults for collisions and such, resulting in different results than intended.

                Of course I could be totally wrong and Epic has worked around this (probably likely).

                Also, if you use Max, UDK treats max units as equal to 1 UDK unit, so you'd probably need to fix that up in Max before exporting.


                  Thanks for that tip on Physx.
                  Yes z axsis is the one going up and down.Im tyring to macth the 1.7 meter height to 1.7 but is z axsis the same height as a unit?
                  Like...what would 170 be in the z axsis?


                    Not sure if this will help, but it comes from the UDN and it's what i base most of my work in UDK on:

                    Unreal Engine 3 supports a maximum world size of 512k x 512k (524288 x 524288) Unreal Units. This is equivalent to approximately 10 kilometers squared of area using the default engine unit conversion of 1 UU = 2 cm (10km x 10km). The actual size of the game play area is usually much less than this, often less than 1 square kilometer for outdoor terrain-based maps. Note that geometry, such as sky spheres, placed outside of the maximum world size will still render, but "world" geometry is limited to this total available area

                    Hope that helps.