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Linking interpactors together for matinee

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    Linking interpactors together for matinee

    Just a quick question, is there a way to link an interp actor to another one? Say I link interpactor A to interpactor B. When I animate B with matinee, A moves accordingly, without having to set up its own keyframe.

    I'm coming from Cryengine and there was a little link button you could use for this. Can't seem to find info about linking, but maybe its called something else.


    Got this one answered on 3d buzz forums, figured I'd post it here in case anyone was wondering the same.

    "You can attach one actor to another using the Base property under Attachment in the Properties Window. Also, you can use the new Attachment Editor (it's in the browser window, Attachments tab). Also, the Attach To Actor Kismet action can perform this action dynamically during runtime."

    My problem was attachments in cryengine refer to addons to a character model, like a gun, umbrella, or flashlight etc. I think I did see something about attachment propety in UDK as well and must have wrote it off as that.