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Bots, AI Controllers, Fencing

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    Bots, AI Controllers, Fencing

    Hey guys, I am trying to get a few bots added to my level (1), to get them attacking the player but not each other (2), and to keep them contained within a certain portion of the level, following desgnated pathing (3).

    So far, I've got a couple of bots getting triggered via Kismet at a couple of different location, so topic 1 is covered. But the Bots are currently attacking each other, and will pursue players or each other off of the pathing that I've set up. I'm using a UTActorFactory with...

    Controller Class = None
    Force Deathmatch AI = checked
    Give Default Inventory = checked
    Pawn Class = UTPawn
    Team Index = 1

    So, I've got 2 main issues at the moment. First, how do I keep the bots from attacking one another? Second, how do I keep the bots contained to certain areas? At the moment I take it that the Force Deathmatch AI option is dictating that they are in full-on fight and pursuit mode, which is making them kill each other (even though they are both on team index 1), and in turn encouraging them to leave the path network?

    Is there some type of controller class that I should be using instead to keep them from going bonkers with bloodthirst, killing each other and running around off the paths? Also is there some type of fencing/blocking volume that I can use to keep them corralled without blocking the player?

    Eventually I'd like to use some sort of ai controller with a bit more finesse to it (not fight mode all of the time), and if anyone has some quick reference to point me to there, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll just save the ai controller topic for another thread. For the moment just getting them not to kill each other is the priority.

    Thanks for the help all, much appreciated.

    The 3dbuzz Top Down Game covers setting up multiple enemy AI in Kismit.


      Excellent, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out shortly.