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    Hi, anyone knows how to create rain via cascade?
    Please if anyone know explain me.

    sorry for my english

    The cheaper variant would be that


      I saw that, but I need a more realistic way, as in the game STALKER
      I want to know how can I make wet surfaces and rain with collision


        Wet surfaces are made with lots of specular in the material and the is no collision only another particle on the ground to create the splash.


          But the particles go throw the static meshes..
          And.. How can i make the rain material?
          And other question, I want to create dinamic wet surfaces, but the material wont work properly in some parts of the mesh.

          But the most important. Please, explain me how can i make the rain particles and the rain material for it. But the rain particles need to be blocked by static meshes

          And last, how can I make thunders (light effects)?
          Thanks a lot.

          From spain, Maxim


            A while ago i've done a AshRain Emitter setup here is what i've used for it.

            Spawn is used for "How much Particles?" i got a value around 35
            Lifetime is used for "How long should my Particles live?" i got a min and max value of 12 and 15
            Initial Size is used for "How big?" I got something around 1 and 2
            Initial Velocity is used for "How fast should they be?" Tweak yourself a value because rain falls faster than ash.
            Collision is used for "mhh Collision?" Set it to Kill.
            Color over Life is used for "Color and Alpha?" leave the color alone and control the alpha instead.
            SubImage Index is used for the UV of your Particle leave it as it is.
            Initial Location is used for "the Spawn location!" Set it to something around 2048x 2048y & 0z

            The settings are pretty much self-explanatory, if you dont know what a word means search for a english-spain translator .

            SO! As next you go over to and watch their free UDK Videos especially this one ->

            The wet surfaces can be done with a panning refraction ->
            The same would apply for static meshes.

            Thunders are done with Kismet & Matinee which fires a random thunderbolt texture or thunderbolt particle emitter.


              Awesome, thanks for the help, but I need a texture for the rain material and I cant find it.
              Anyone knows where can I get it or how can I make it?


                A rain texture isn't that hard since they move pretty fast and for performance reasons they should be rather small around 32x32 or 64x64. So its easy simple create a blank black square and paint 4 different light-blue or white strokes in it (look inside the orange part of my screen) the guy from 3dbuzz explains pretty well how to setup the material. Or try this

                And to setup a splash effect for the ground you only need to use the already included splash from the UDK search for something like "small-splash" open it and replicate the settings to your particle effect.

                Here is my setup