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Trigger > Matinee do not work correct

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    Trigger > Matinee do not work correct

    i have the following problem with the trigger

    i have watching 3dbuzz tutorials for Simple Level, there is one video which is showing how to make Door with Trigger (02_-_Simple_Level__05_MovingDoor__002_InitialDoorMotio n.mp4)
    i do all like it's in the video but can't make it work,

    1. added Static Mesh (S_HU_Deco_SM_Chainlink02_B)
    2. added the Trigger
    3. Added event with my Trigger to the Kismet
    4. Added Matinee (to animate Static Mesh)
    5. Configure Matinee (added group, movement track) - animation work when play it from Matinee window
    6. Build all
    7. my trigger don't work when go in his radius

    can anyone help me?


    Here are some things to check:

    Make sure you are using a touch trigger
    Make sure max trigger count is 0. It is 1 by default.
    In kismet make sure the matinee completed goes back into reverse
    Convert the mesh to a mover


      thanks for reply Kobaltic,

      i found the problem, it was my bad,
      i added the mesh via Add Static Mesh which was wrong, i found this after tried to edit matinee and it popped me 2 warnings about

      1. static mesh physics mode (needed interpolate physics)
      2. i use static actor for my matinee group (needed dynamic)

      after i recreate it via Add InterpActior
      the matinee worked correct also after build all
      now have it work like a charm also changed max trigger count after i saw it is 1 by default (just was wondering why my door is opening and after it close didn't open again)

      thank you very much,