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Compiling UDK levels AddOn in PS3 and Xbox360 its possible ?

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    Compiling UDK levels AddOn in PS3 and Xbox360 its possible ?

    Well reformulating the idea i have posted in another thread
    I donĀ“t know if is a good features or if its possible but, any body have the idea to ask the epic to create a little app like swarm agent, to install on PS3 or Xbox360 and use the consoles like a computer to help the PC (main machine) to compile a level together?
    Imagine the idea in make your PC distribute the power in compile a big level with your PS3 and/or Xbox360. I don't know if I am posting this in the right place on this forum. But Epic this is possible ?

    Well because PS3 have the OtherOs locked now the Epic could create a application like a add on feature in UT3 game both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. So users that own UT3 for that consoles could use it to help compile levels for PC.

    Thank you all.

    You would need to be able to install a compatible operating system to the Xbox or the PS3, currently neither console allows that. Older PS3's allow you to install Linux, although that's still incompatible since UDK is Windows. I'm not sure if it would work to run Windows virtually on Linux on a PS3.

    So really, no it's not possible.

    Also, UT3 doesn't have lightmass


      and sony removed the option to install linux a couple of months ago due to "security" so i don't think many people will still be using linux as they disabled peoples access to the psn if they were using linux


        If you are not a developer you can always buy a XDK (xbox development kit) from the "blackmarket." They go for around $500-900, and can compile software without signatures. You would still need to have access to the XDK extensions for UE3, which you can't get unless you are a licensee. Same goes for PS3's.


          I have XDK and didnt pay jack for it but thats not the point, i can see where cyberwillis is coming from, the ps3 currently has Folding@home which combines ps3's processor's from around the world to help research (i myself use it) but i dont think Epic are ever going to look at that i mean we are still waiting for general ps3/360 support for UDK let alone swarm agent

          Nice idea but would'nt happen