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    OK, I take it back. I've been consolidating everyone's work into a couple packages; AI, Characters, Props, Environment, etc.

    I didn't notice any issues until I removed the old packages (shells) from the content directory, at this point, when loading the level I get the following message;

    I can restore the shell packages although many of the errors still exist. It seems like the asset location in the new package is dependent on the original package's existence.

    What a mess.

    At least I know all of the assets exist in the packages, it's just that the map isn't aware of the address change.

    Is there a way to point these items in the correct direction through this error message, instead of running around my map and locating each null?


      That's very strange. I've done some pretty extensive moves recently with no ill effects. However, i did a LOT of testing in a sandbox before I hit my actual assets. Seems like you have a LOT of work a head of you.

      You may want to try and delete all your journal, checkpoint, manifest and shader caches as well as the UT/UDK .ini files and see if that gets it on track. That's brutal!


        It's an opportunity to sort through the map and clear out anything not needed. That's what I'll tell myself.
        I'm curious about how deleting the journal, checkpoint, manifest, shader caches, and .ini files will help?


          Could the issue be that when I am moving an asset to another package, I am also renaming it?


            I'm not entirely sure why you're having the problems you are. My best guess is that you had a map open at the time you started moving, and you also seem to have hacked at it for a while without working out all the kinks, so you might just be stuck at this point. I'm also wondering if it's because of something obscure like where you are storing your maps or packages, etc. Possibly something had read-only on it accidentally, etc.

            Deleting (and letting the engine rebuild) those files might reset some broken linkages. It's unlikely, but wortha shot.


              Certainly at this stage there have been inconsistencies.

              How do you know that moving assets with the map open is an issue anyway? Based off of intuition, I would think that the map should be open so as to alter it's link to the content.

              But the truth is that, I'm thinking I moved assets with both the map opened and closed. Fortunately, the "null" objects were all a part of a single group of duplicated static mesh's which would have needed to be replaced in any case.



                Can someone explain why this is occurring? The assets referenced aren't displaying any strange behavior at runtime. I don't understand why they are still referencing a package which is gone, while being saved in another package.