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Lighting and physics question

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    Lighting and physics question

    I have a few questions regarding lighting and physics that I need to have some answer to for my project.

    I am making a Top Down game where you have to explore certain dungeons and ruins by solving puzzles.

    Now for the lighting question: I want to know what is the best approach to get the effect of light shining through leafs like you see in a forest, because for one level you are in a ruin inside a forest and I want to make a greenish/yellowish light effect so it feels like there are trees above the ruin. I already found out that godrays don't really work, because they are only visible when you look straight at the light.

    And for the physics question: I want to know how you can create a push able block that has a certain resistance so it looks like if you are pushing a block that it heavy.

    If someone can get me in the right direction I can make a example so I can make a post in the Works In Process topic.

    Thank in advance