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scale a static mesh, without altering the UV/Texture scale

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    scale a static mesh, without altering the UV/Texture scale

    I'm working with parts of buildings, in some cases, it makes sense to scale a piece of geometry instead of inserting a fitting static mesh. I'd like to know if there is a way to scale a static mesh, while maintaining the scale of the texture mapping. In cases where the mesh is scaled smaller, the texture would be clipped, in cases where it is scaled up, the texture would repeat.

    Basically I'm just trying to preserve the texture map's pixel dimensions.

    If you're in max, select the verts, edges or faces and scale as an editable poly with "Preserve UV's" checked. You must be in sub-select to accomplish this.

    This can be less effective on curved surfaces such as that of a sphere. In this case sometimes you can scale in one axis only and then scale the others. Sometimes I scale in one axis by .01 and then scale the whole thing and then fix the final scale back to uniform. This definitely works best on flat surfaces. Also, the different surfaces categorized by planar angle should be broken from other faces in the UV map in order to avoid stretching. it's not the end-all best method but if you're working with box shapes only it works just fine. If things get weird and stretched, go into the UV window and see what is happening. Detaching edges or faces in the UV's will often fix that problem if you can isolate the areas displaying it.

    The other option is to try "Use real world map size" on your primitives. This often tiles the thing really tight or really huge depending on the scale you're building at.