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Question about Lifting Materials

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  • Question about Lifting Materials

    Hey all,

    I'm really new to UDK and the Unreal engine in general having worked with Source and Half-Life 1 since 99 so please excuse me if this is a stupid question...

    I'm wondering about lifting material properties from a given surface... I know you can ALT+RMB a surface to steal its material and ALT+LMB to apply that material to another surface, however this only applies the material and not its UV coords. In Hammer you can steal the texture AND its coordinates. Is this possible in UDK so I don't have to set up the alignment, rotation, scale etc. on every individual face?


    (P.S. I do realize you can select multiple faces and setup their coords at the same time, but I'm thinking for when you add new brushes after the fact and need to use the exact same settings on a new brush surface)

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    Finally dug up the answer in case anyone else needs it.... ALT + Right click = Grab/Lift and ALT+Left Click = apply. Although this doesn't seem to grab the scale and position values which kind of sucks.


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      If you're talking about BSP (which diesnt have UVs) I believe you can push F5 and edit material settings there to have each face match each other in scale for the material. It's impossible to copy UV coordinates on meshes though because they're unique to that mesh.