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importing full models and textures from Sketchup

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    importing full models and textures from Sketchup

    hey everybody,

    I was wondering if (like the title says) it is possible to import fully textured models and meshes into UDK from sketchup ( i have the plug in that allows me to import non textured meshes but is there a way to import the textures as well?)

    it best to import them into 3ds max or maya or blender fist, when you export from sketchup it should put the textures into a folder with the mesh and from there you can import them into unreal


      i tried that (export as kmz and change to zip right?) the problem is the mesh doesn't come out... right

      How do you do it from max though?


        i am also tring to import "correctelly" models from sketchup

        and it's a real nightmare

        i have tried every option

        first export in sketchup to the kmz format extracted it to get the .dae inside

        the import work correctelly in blender(2.49/2.5) and max trial (I still have 22 days)

        i have tried all the exporter format (ase , dae) none of them worked correcly :

        it's deformed or the number of materials exported (or imported in udk) are not correct

        also i tried lot of models from 3dwarehouse so it is not specific to one of them

        maybe it's a scale or size problem ... who knows

        any help is welcome !!!


          Actually the new 3ds max (if you have a subscription) has the option to import straight has a skp (which, in my opinion, is AMAZING; found this out yesterday). The textures, grouping, etc all come in exactly the same. The only thing is i am not sure where the texture 'goes' or how to make the texture a material so i can import that along with the model...