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Getting data out of UI slider

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    Getting data out of UI slider

    How would I pull data from a UI widget into Kismet. I want a sliders 'Current Value'.

    I'm really lost. I would have imagined this would be easier.. I must have missed something obvious..

    Some sort of callback or I saw something about a datastore but got no real info with it.. am I heading in the right direction??

    I'm trying.. unsuccessfully so far.. here what I've got. I want a UIslider to change the vertical position of a heightfog actor.

    First off, I'm not sure which sequence I should be connecting to..
    There is no 'slider value change' or 'dragged' event that I know of..
    The only sequence with anything that I can connect to is the Global sequence but this doesnt seem right to me.

    So I get the UISlider_0's CurrentValue and set it to a named variable "FogHeightVal". I also activate a level event named "sliderMoved".

    Back in main kismet when the sliderMoved event is called I use the remote variable info to change the HeightFog_0's Z position.. I think I got this part right..

    Its just the beginning that I think i messed up.. any ideas?
    Or am I going about this completely wrong??

    EDIT: Ok I realized I could just hook it up to the OnClick for the button used to return to the map. Also I realized I didn't hook the target of setActorLocation.. dumb mistakes from going to fast.. I also corrected the named variable that connects to the set vector component.. It was a "Named Variable" node not a variable that was named..

    End Result.. still not working..
    Which leads me to believe the SetVariableObject node in the UIKismet isn't converting the property into the float variable "FogHeightVal".. and I don't see another way to access it. Anybody have any idea how to get at that data?

    If not I'll just see if Scaleform can do it..