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I need step-by-step instructions for water with REALTIME reflections

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    I need step-by-step instructions for water with REALTIME reflections

    EZ all, I've been trying to add "believable" looking water to a map, using the 'Fluid Surface' actor (I see epic saw sense and brought it back!) and the 'scenecapturereflect' actor, but all that happens is, well actually nothing happens at all. In game, the reflection actor disappears, but even when its there, it doesnt reflect the skydome above it, or the player character and other animated objects.

    I know theres a number of threads on the subject already, but to be completely honest, I just couldn't follow them, I didn't have a clue what half of them were going on about. I need something more clear and concise, like "A, B, C, bam", surely its not SO complicated that it requires the knowledge of pages worth of illegible 3d jargon and theoretical solutions (illegible to me anyway, some1 who isn't a UE3 wizard LOL)?

    Please help, non-reflecting water with todays technology, just doesn't do it for me LOL.

    Edit: I cant even assign a TEXTURE to the TEXURE target! what gives?

    As if the gods had heard you speak... posted earlier today @ 1:48 PM by Danimal.

    [Tutorial] Simple Real Time Reflection + Distortion


      Beautiful, Thanks a million mate!



        Another little tut which helped me:

        and then I used this

        but the res is a little low on some of the screens along with hourences outdoor tut to fill in the gaps. Hope that helps.



          Its the same with these other tuts too, I create everything as required (SCRA and a RTT) and set the properties, and everything works normally until I hit test-play, then the reflection is gone! What could I be doing wrong?

          Sussed it! For some reason the SCRA is defaulted as 'hidden game' in one of the Static mesh sub-properties that I overlooked. I knew it would be something so simple haha