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Level Streaming and Player Controlled Placement of Appearance

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    I was actually thinking asking if that could be done with a sort of static mesh spawn actor sort of thing if the streaming fell through. Guess that it did.

    That prefab idea may work out nicely. That way I can span in a non rotating road, then a Sidewalk shape that can be rotated as needed with decals for street line and then buildings to go on top of all that. all the little debris layer can also be done that way as well.

    Wow getting some ideas. ****! I'm Going to need Uscript lessons or a Coder, but it would be worth it in the long run, wouldn't it? Hmmmm.

    Thank again Jeff, you've been so helpful over and over again...

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    I don't think you can do that with the streaming implementation as-is in UDK. You might be able to rig up something fairly similar using prefabs though.

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    so no one has any idea? ****...

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  • Level Streaming and Player Controlled Placement of Appearance

    Level streaming is 100% awesome, able to load everything up dynamically so that they are only shown when needed? Brilliant!

    However, a friend and I have tried to do something sort of the same with The Blender Game Engine, back when I was mostly cutting my teeth on 3D production.

    We wanted a Game where the players, as the game progresses, Placed Map Tiles where ever they chose to place them in what ever 90 Degree rotation Limited only that roads had to connect and building could not block roads.

    Once these tiles are placed Enemy Pawns would spawn some where randomly on the Walkable space of the tile.

    My question is this. Are the Streaming Level Segments hard set, or can they be placed on a actor arranged in a grid so that they can appear where the player chooses to put them?

    A sort of ever growing game level that won't be the same between different play through as this is meant to be a 2-12 multiplayer game.

    If this I possible I'll proceed with my planning, if not, I'll just have to shelf it for now.

    I'm sure this will require a Uscript Coder, but I just want to know if anyone knows or at least thinks that it is possible first.

    Thank you...