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A Quick Question About Prefabs in UDK

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    A Quick Question About Prefabs in UDK

    Hi guys;

    Four or five mounths ago, I was playing and studying "Unity3d Engine".

    I like its prefab system and it works great. These prefabs even support the scripting informations and game events .

    For example;

    Let's suppose We create a game like Super Mario. The first thing we need is some coins allowing our pawn to get money or power durring the game. When the pawn collide with a coin, it dissapears and adds 1 to our power bar. Very straight forward.

    Does the prefab system in UDK work in the very same way? In Unity, every coin prefab has the code that makes them dissapear and add 1 to the power. You do not write your codes for all the prefabs in the level.

    I hope you get What I mean ...

    I'll be waiting for your replies.

    Best Regards;