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Persistant Level Limitation

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    Persistant Level Limitation

    I've been reading quite a bit about level streaming lately in order to plan forth some ideas for an upcoming project, however I haven't seen a few clear answers just yet when it comes to a few things and so I thought I'd bring up another thread geared towards those questions.

    Firstly, the game is meant to be a multiplayer world that player's can explore around sort of like an MMORPG. However; I was reading and a few people said there is a level size limitation.

    In the idea for the game, environments change all over the place, with large indoor buildigns, possible exterior cities, farms, etc, etc. As you explore you can access different buildings.

    1. Level Limitation - However; if there is a level size limitation my original idea of using Kismet to teleport players around along with streaming levels in and out of one massive persistant level, I'll eventually run out of space correct? Since the persistant level is being used to stream large out-door environments, as well as sections being sectioned off for indoor environments to be teleported and streamed through.

    2. Loading Seperate Maps - So if there is indeed a level limitation, I thought of two possible solutions, is it possible to actually load between two levels and keep their history? Like, say for an example level 1 (outside) has a building that blew up (for whatever reason) you enter level 2 which loads a new map (non-streaming) do your thing inside it, then you return to level 1 would all that history of the building (VIA Kismet) blowing up still of been activated? Along with that, would Player 1 be able to be in level 56 while Player 2 be able to be in level 20?

    3. Streaming Levels Overtop of Each other - If it isn't possible, would there be any issues in streaming a level on top of each other? Say I have a small town, one player can enter a building and kismet will unload the town and then load the inside of the building in the same spot, or would is there some sort of explosion that may happen?