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Lighting question & Noobie Help

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    It might have something to do with the light exponential or shadow falloff exponential in the light properties

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    Lighting question & Noobie Help

    I am quite new to mapping and need a question asked concerning lighting. In the two photos my pit and temple area are surrounded by lights but at a distance the structure seems completely dark and unlit.

    PS: I can't get the images to work the link seems fine though so just copy and paste that and it will bring you to the screnn caps.

    The structure I am refering to is the pit represented by the red cylinder and the dark area around it.

    The structure zoomed in. Clearly the shadow drops very suddenly. If you know what my problem is please point it out. Thanks.

    Also if anybody could give me a quick rundown of what some of the main properties for a light are that would be great. (CastDynamicShadows, ect...)