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UDK Doesn't know how to mix colors??????

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    UDK Doesn't know how to mix colors??????

    Hi, I'm a student and I have a video game project to do.

    My project is based on colors and I'm very carefull of the render of the colors in UDK and as a result, I discovered something very strange in the material editor in UDK.

    When I put a colors with full component of Red, Blue or Green like Magenta, Cyan or Yellow, the colors in the node are perfect. But when I start to put a value between 0 and 1 in the green, red or blue, it became strange and I don't have the same color in the colors picker and the node.

    I checked on photoshop with the values, and the real color is the one on the color picker.

    My project is based on colored decals and the export of the decals and as a result, that's very annoying for us.

    Is there a solution to fix that?

    Thanks for your time.

    Originally posted by b4cksp4ce View Post
    My project is based on colored decals and the export of the decals and as a result, that's very annoying for us.

    I'm gonna say, create masks.


      I'm already using mask. I have a material with a mask and ParamColor that I add to the mask, then clamp the result to make my decals.

      The problem is when I add a color, I want it to be the same color as in photoshop and that with all the colors.

      I Could have adjust my colors in UDK to match de photoshop colors with the eye but at the end of the game, the player have the possibility to export his creation (with decals). And for the export we use colors that we entered in the ParamColor and the result of the export is true colors whereas the colors in UDK are a bit fader and it's visible to the eye.
      That's what's annoying



        There is quite a visible difference in the colours. I'm not sure why, but it is curious.

        What do you mean by "export of the decals"? I'm not sure what you're trying to set up, but I'm not sure you can achieve it in UDK.


          We already achieved it, we are using a external library to recreate the image during the game. We have our Bitmap on a package in UDK and we Also have PNG Image of the decal outside UDK and we called this library to create the image with the position of the decal stored during the game.

          And we want to make the export look like the same as the decals in Game but obviously with the udk strange mix colors, it is not :]


            Is this a gamma-correction thing?


              Could be the tone mapper, too.

              And in my experience the material nodes and its textures and colors are off always. No normal map is dark blue, yet a lot show up like they were.


                No, we tried a lot of settings to make the two pictures look like but, we have to change the hue, gamma, exposure and other settings to match the two colors,

                It's not only a question of gamma, neither only tone-mapping. I don't think...


                  So, no one knows how to fix that?