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Lighting and colesion questions

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    Lighting and colesion questions

    I have two questions:

    1) I am having a small issue with my lights and meshs. I know that in order for meshs to react to lights the right way they need to be dynamic lights, but when I change the light to dynamic using the "Force dynamic light" it dosen't light the gun. So I must not be doing it right.

    2) Also when I import in a mesh and I open up the mesh editor I have always unchecked the three boxes that say "Use Simple Box Collision" "Use Simple Light Collision" and "Use Simple Rigid Body Collision". When these aren't checked my meshes appear to have perfect collision. Is this a smart way to set up collision.


    1 - You also need to go in the light channels and check the Dynamic channel.

    2 - This will depend on the complexity of your models and scene. It's just gonna mean that your collisions are taking up way more processing than it needs to. Whether this is really bad or not so bad for your level / game or not is based on how many polygons your objects are in the first place and how much you use them.

    To be safe and to avoid a lot of work later on I can only suggest that you create collision for you models up front, whether you think you need it or not, there's no reason not to do it and it's a lot more tedious to go back later and go create collisions for many models. You simply do it while modelling the object and be done with it. You don't have to use UDK's collision generator if you think it lacks accuracy in some case, although in many cases it does the job and is a quick way to do it.