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Blending Foliage (Grass) with terrain color

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    Blending Foliage (Grass) with terrain color

    So my question is simple. Is there way to blend grass color with terrain color.
    It's quite tricky to make grass texture and then terrain texture so that both will match each other. And it almost never match how it should be.

    So my question is there a way to blend grass with terrain ? Pretty much like CE2 ? I guess it should specified material stup but honestly I have no idea where to start with that.

    In your grass material you could use world position(XY/terrain_size.XY=UV) to sample some terrain texture that represents it's color. It might be problematic, since terrain materials combine many small textures together, plus they rotate and pan them to reduce repetition. To compensate for that in your grass material you would need to repeat all those UV transformations (pan, rotate.. etc). After you sampled some terrain color, just tint current grass pixel with it. Hope that helps, don't know if that works, i'll try it later