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Swarm Agent problem causing UDK to crash

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    Swarm Agent problem causing UDK to crash

    Whenever i try to build my lighting using LightMass it pauses at collecting the scene and SwarmAgent loads up. Problem is, is that SwarmAgent keeps giving me the same error: " Communication with the coordinator failed, job distribution will be disabled until the connection is established", this error message repeats and it doesnt progress. At this time UDK becomes unresponsive and has to be forced to close.

    Although my friend's UDK doesnt have this problem when he builds, his log looks like this:

    "13:41:18: [Interface:TryOpenConnection] Local connection established
    13:41:18: [Job] Accepted Job 35803D3F-42E046D0-B7D790A8-4294639C
    13:41:18: [Job] Launched Job UnrealLightmass_2010-04-09_15-34-10_1027864-64bit.exe
    13:41:18: [Job] PID is 5616
    13:41:18: [Job] GUID is "35803D3F-42E046D0-B7D790A8-4294639C"
    13:41:18: Log file created: UnrealLightmass_BANSHEE_0758D4D7465832CBD1A2FC82E4 D49BF4."

    There was no coordinater used :s

    Anyone know how i can fix this?

    What are your settings in Swarm Agent?


      I have the same problem.