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Cinematic Flicker Problem

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    Ah ha fixed the problem - just need to tick the rewind on play tickbox in the Matinee woohoo!

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    Cinematic Flicker Problem

    Hi forum,

    Have developed a very bad headache trying to get my shop cutscene to work!

    What I have setup in Kismet is a trigger(touch) with the Max trigger count set to 0. This is then plugged in to Matinee which animates a camera zoom into the merchants face he will then do his little animation.

    The trigger is also plugged into a toggle cinematic mode node (as below)

    The problem I'm having that when the player touches the trigger the 1st time all is well, but after that the cutscene kind of wants to play cause it flickers but doesn't actually play?

    Anyone else had this happen and know a fix?

    Many Thanks