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    remote control

    hey chaps,

    thought i remembered this being asked before but try as i might i could find no mention so here goes;

    is it possible to have the player character remote control an object in the game?

    for instance, the player character stands on a symbol that will enable them to control a model car/boat/plane in a similar fashion to the GTA mini games.

    thanks for the help in advance

    Definatly you set up triggers using the Matinee


      thanks for the reply,

      unfortunately it's not quite what i wanted so maybe i explained it incorrectly and for that i apologise.

      the player will stand on a marker (say a big red X) next to which is a toy helicopter. i want the player to be able to control the helicopter while the player character model remains on the big red X. in essence i want some of the player character controls transfered to the toy helicopter.

      is it possible in kismet or is this a programming thing?

      i did think it might be possible using the toy helicopter as a vehicle but how do i get the player character model to stay on the big red X?


        I believe you'd have to switch the controller's pawn for a while to do this.


          The function is called Possess.


            good show chaps,

            thank you very much for the help.